Project: "4 13 44"
Company:DAEKI & JUN studio
Designer(s): DAEKI and JUN Design Studio: Daeki Shim www.daandcompany.com, Korea, Republic of
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Entry Description: The project titled '4, 13, and 44' for Typojanchi 2015: The 4th International Typography Biennale, held under the theme City & Typography. People say that boarding gates four, thirteen, and forty-four do not exist at Incheon International Airport, the busiest gateway to Seoul, which may seem like a rumor, but is true. That the airport authorities refrained from using these four numbers is related to taboos in the East and West. For East Asians, the pronunciation of number four is the same as the word for death, hence the obvious superstition. Similarly, people from the West see thirteen as an ominous number. Visually, nonexistent gates '4, 13, and 44' are shown with white lines representing the curves and lines in which the airplanes fly in. A taboo word-number '4, 13 and 44': Such a superstition applies to national infrastructure. Therefore, this work is a kind of laughing off, and sarcasm.

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DAEKI & JUN Studio by Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim