Project: "bioLogic"
Company:Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab
Designer(s): Lining Yao, Wen Wang, Guanyun Wang, Helene Steiner, Chin-Yi Cheng, Jifei Ou, Oksana Anilionyte, Prof. Hiroshi Ishii, United States
Category: Textile and Materials, Student
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Entry Description: In a bio lab, the team discovered that microscopic humidity-sensitive bacteria can be harvested as nanosensors and nanoactuators. Such mechanisms are applied to fabric using custom-made micro-resolution printing technology. This synthetic breathing ‘skin’ is activated by perspiration and body heat. The bio- actuated material inspired the team to create a working garment to showcase the technology. Based on the wearer's own sweat and heat maps, tiny vents on the fabric are designed and transform the garment by curling open or closed. By dynamically reacting to the wearer's body, this"second skin" enables sweat to evaporate and cool down the body through an organic material flux.

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