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Project: "ARAMARA"
Company:danielpouzet | atelier pouzet
Designer(s): ARAMARA line designed by Daniel Pouzet for URREA, Mexico
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: ARAMARA is a word from the Huichol language meaning goddess of the sea, which explains why this line is filled with organic, feminine and sensual forms. It was designed by Daniel Pouzet, one of the world’s most renowned French architects. According to Pouzet, the idea behind ARAMARA was to escort water as it flows along and takes on an array of shapes. Hence the handle, whose design was inspired by waves. This URREA collection features a minimalist design scheme and pleasant dimensions which beg to be touched, so that we too can become one in harmony with water. ARAMARA includes an 8" mixer faucet, a short single- handle bathroom faucet, a single-handle flush-mounted shower or bathtub faucet, a simple wall hook, a towel bar and an uncovered toilet paper holder.

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