Project: "CASE DI LUCE: Zero energy architecture built with hemp and lime"
Company:Pedone Working Group
Designer(s): ing. Pietro Pedone, arch. Leo Pedone, arch. Massimo Pedone, arch. Annamaria Perruccio, Italy
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Entry Description: CASE DI LUCE is a green innovative residential building being part of a highly sustainable urban regeneration project designed as a result of a pregnant environmental clean-up operations with the demolition of crumbling buildings with considerable environmental problems. The project was born from an holistic approach, applied to the entire building process, linked to the themes of bioclimatic strategies, eco- sustainability architecture, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly materials, comfort indoor and sustainable living. Case di Luce is currently the first sustainable multi-levels residential building in Europe built by a natural envelope made by hemp and lime. This innovative construction technology, called Muratura VegetaleŽ in NATURAL BETONŽ (completely natural concrete), is a compound, LEEDŽ certified, completely recyclable, biocompatible , able to capture 60 kg CO2 from the atmosphere that, thanks to its excellent thermal, acoustic and hygrotermal properties, determines flats with a low energy demand and running costs next to nothing.

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