Project: "SHR Flex"
Company:Creature, LLC
Designer(s): Creature LLC, SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH, Enginuity Works Corp., United States
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: “SHR Flex” is a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) safety system for racecar drivers. Its breakthrough dynamic design architecture provides racers uncompromised protection from severe or fatal upper neck injuries in high-impact crashes and unprecedented comfort and fit during normal driving. Like established FHRs, the SHR Flex is worn around a racer’s neck, has a “collar” that tethers to their helmet, and “legs” which interact with their seatbelt to anchor the system. Risk of injury is reduced by managing head/helmet motions. Typically, FHRs have bulky collars with tethering that limits a racer’s field of vision at all times, are uncomfortably rigid, and installation needs cockpit adaptations. The innovative, compact, SHR Flex design overcomes these limitations with a dynamic articulated collar that only limits head/helmet motions when activated in a crash, and unique flexible, cushioned, legs that conform to all body types without compromise and obviate the need for additional, unwieldy, comfort padding.

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