Project: "Nanchang Hualuxe Hotel"
Company:Hirsch Bedner And Associates Limited
Designer(s): Hirsch Bedner And Associates Limited, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Hualuxe Nanchang set to be the first completed project a new brand being launched by IHG with a few noticeable peculiarities making this project unique and challenging. The guestroom is designed in continuity with the lobby experience: art, decorations and accessories are inspired to a beautified nature and in parallel the architectural finishes and the planning are hinting at a resort environment, with textural and sensual touches. Similarly at the all-day dining the F&B team has conducted extensive researches on regional cuisine, proposing very unique local delicacies such as the soup pot, prepared in the traditional terracotta pot displayed for the guest to appreciate the genuine approach. The lobby is at Level 39, therefore removed from the ground and designed in serene isolation from the city, yet itís designed as a garden, green walls and paths inspired to the traditional southern Chinese gardens.

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