Project: "Mobile Stroke Detector"
Company:National Taiwan University
Designer(s): Yung-Chi Chen, Guan-Jie Su, Yu-Han Cheng, Hao-Ming Hsiao, Taiwan
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Student
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Entry Description: Our product is a revolutionary healthcare app using unique motion magnification technique to detect your stroke risk. This is the first mobile stroke detector in the world which uncovers the stroke correlation with subtle motions of the carotid arteries. The entire process is completed by taking a short video aimed at your neck with one click on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. In less than a minute, you will receive a score ranging from 0 to 100% from cloud computation to reflect your stroke risk. This app safeguards your health by providing information to your personal physician or healthcare center, once a warning score is detected.

About the Designer/Company
Yung-Chi Chen, Guan-Jie Su, Yu-Han Cheng National Taiwan University Faculty Advisors - Dr. Hao-Ming Hsiao, Dr. Hsien-Li Kao, Dr. Ching-Chang Huang