Project: "Behavior "
Designer(s): MINGBIN YANG, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Zoom our city out into 9 sqm, walk in the space of 27 stere; look down on the city, think about the fickleness, eagerness for quick success and instant benefit; be aware of too much we have lost. Through a combination of faces and blocks, and a contrast of false and true, let the device interact with people. When we think about something through a device, we will realize that everything comes back to its origin.

About the Designer/Company
Poetic Landscapes is the core design concept of HONidea---respect nature and pay attention to the delivery of spatial relations, atmosphere, aesthetics and mood fusion. Its orientation is research design agency, focusing on the design areas of indoor spatial planning, display art, product development, brand planning and so on. With design language, balance of expressing the intersection of art and commerce, it takes the corporate strategy of customer design into consideration, "Search for the heart; Inheritate the aesthetics "carries our social responsibility for the design.