Project: "Kunstbende "
Company:Festina Amsterdam
Designer(s): Festina Amsterdam, Remy Harrewijn, Ferry van Zijderveld, Daniel J. Ashes, Alexandra Borcila, Netherlands
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Kunstbende is a contest for young creative talents. Lots of well know Dutch artist made their first appearances there and it is been around for 25 years. More than 4000 young artists sign up to compete in one of the thirteen qualifying rounds that are held in the whole country. The winners advance to the finals where they will battle for the Golden Spotlight. Different divisions they can participate in are dance, DJ, Expo, Fashion, Movie, Music, Language and theatre. Branding and digital agency Festina developed a campaign where contestants are battle ready, therefore they have warpaint painted on their faces. Winning is an attitude. To activate the contestants before the battle started, they got a warpainting kit sent home to paint themselves. After uploading a photo of their warpaint creations with the #WARPAINT they had a chance to win prizes.

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