Project: "Between"
Company:DAEKI & JUN studio
Designer(s): DAEKI and JUN Design Studio: Daeki Shim, Hyojun Shim www.daandcompany.com, Korea, Republic of
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Entry Description: These two 3-D printed sculptures were designed to produce the identity of ‘Project Space: Between Gallery\\\' in Shoreditch, London. First, we produced the alphabet ‘B’ by getting a motive from Venndiagram of a plane shape, which expresses the meaning of the word ‘Between.’ Also, we produced ‘B’ 3-dimensionally through the 3-D printer. These two 3-D printed symbols are seen as the alphabet ‘B’ of the same plane when they are seen at the front. However, its form changes according to the switch of an angle, and viewers can see the two 3-D printed symbols were designed in an individually different structure. In short, we intended to express the meaning of ‘Between’ as 3-dimensional other than 1-dimensional. In addition, these images of objects also used as a promotional poster for Gallery publicity.

About the Designer/Company
DAEKI & JUN Studio by Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim