Project: "East-West Speaks"
Designer(s): hufax arts / Ding Ding, Taiwan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: , in Chinese, when the two words are put together, it means object or thing. At the same time, it also means directions, East and West. On the book cover, I use illustration to convey the message: everything has things to say, but somehow is holding back itself in this whimsical fantasy world. Florescent orange is adopted on the book title. The word and is carved in half, half of the word is missing. The word is placed on the right, the word is placed on the left. Things or objects are not just simply things or objects, it has things to say, it leads you to think in different directions. Florescent orange against the black and white background, implies that although everything seems quiet, but at the same time, they are loud, noisy, bright. And it reminds us to cherish things that we have.

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