Project: "Mooi Nederland"
Company:Trapped in Suburbia
Designer(s): Trapped in Suburbia, Netherlands
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Complete stamp series of the Beautiful Netherlands fortified cities. Old city maps were used to design the stamps. The Hulst stamp is based on a city map from 1645, while Willemstad is based on a map from 1740. These historic images show how the construction of city walls, corner towers and city gates turned the towns into well-protected fortresses. The graphic background of the stamp is inspired by the symbols cartographers at that time used to indicate the character of the surrounding area, such as arable land, swamp, water, meadows, polders and orchards. The colors of the stamps are based on the dutch flag. The font used is the Trio Grotesk which based on the work of legendary dutch designer Piet Zwart.

About the Designer/Company
Trapped in Suburbia was born in the beginning of 2004 in ‘Mariahoeve’, a suburb of the Hague, Holland. It all started with Cuby Gerards and Karin Langeveld working from their home, a tiny apartment on the third floor. And because we like to use humour in our work we thought it was a good idea to put a little humour in the name as well. Hence the name ‘Trapped in Suburbia’. Cuby studied photography, graphic & typographic design and advertising. He started his career in advertising and returned to designing when we started Trapped in Suburbia, thus combining the best of both worlds. Karin studied graphic & typographic design and got her masters degree in Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. After working as an independent designer for several years she joined forces with Cuby and the result is Trapped in Suburbia. Since 2006 Karin teaches typography to third grade students of the art school in Utrecht. Next to the design agency we also run the art gallery ‘Ship of Fools’ with which we focus on contemporary graphic arts. We also organise creative events like ‘Don’t Believe The Type’ and ‘Analog Fest’. We like to inspire not only ourselves but also other designers and give them an opportunity to present themselves and interact with each other.