Project: "Where: Multilingual"
Company:DAEKI & JUN studio
Designer(s): DAEKI and JUN Design Studio: Daeki Shim, Hyojun Shim www.daandcompany.com, Korea, Republic of
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Entry Description: This poster was designed for International Poster Invitation Exhibition, held under the theme “City.” There are many ways to analyze and define the space “City”. We wanted to talk about the Metropolitan City which consists of multilingual signs. The photograph in this poster was taken in 2015 when Daeki Shim had visited Hong Kong. This neon sign, which is consisted of English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese shows what a Metropolitan City is like. The beautiful sign I had found coincidentally is probably for tourists. These multilingual signs can be easily found not only in Hong Kong, but also New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, or in another word, every-where. This “where” means “city”, and the commercial multilingual typography of the streets is a symbolic visual language that represents a part of the city’s sight. As as main typographies, we used a word “where” with four different languages which are English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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DAEKI & JUN Studio by Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim