Project: "St. Joseph's College Athletic Facility: The Hill Center"
Designer(s): Bentel and Bentel Architects/Planners, United States
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: The site of the Athletic Facility is adjacent to the existing campus of the College which is, itself, situated within a New York City Historic District. The new 30,000 sf building borders an adjacent historic district to the West. Its location was deemed important both as an EXTENSION of the existing campus and as an important infill structure within this urban context. The building is classified as a classroom building with an auxiliary athletic use. The College achieved LEED Gold for New Construction. We provided large areas of east facing glass starting 12 above the gymnasium floor. The interior is shielded from glare by the exterior louvers, interior shading blinds and high performance glass which eliminates heat buildup. All lighting is controlled by energy sensors to conserve energy. Materials and Construction protocols insured that the building followed LEED guidelines for reconstituted, recycled, locally sourced, low-waste by-product and Green certified materials.

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