Project: "Interior renovation of housing in San Sebastian"
Designer(s): IŅIGO LEON, Spain
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: House renovation in the old part of San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016. It featured bedrooms and kitchen without ventilation nor lighting, and a small living room. It was required a spacious, open and multifunctional living room. The sturdy wooden structure of the building was damaged, and metal reinforcements were made in some ceiling rafters. It was enabled the old structure and its reinforcements to remain visible. Ambient areas were created though ceilings volumetries and a highly studied lighting with RGB combinations, warm and white light in ceilings, walls and floors. A sound installation by zones was set up in order to highlight the ambient zoning throughout the house. A study of the psychological influence of colors and mirrors on housing users was developed to enhance their right mood and well-being.

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