Project: "Siemens Experience Centre"
Company:Vstudio Limited
Designer(s): Company name : Vstudio Limited Designer: Miss Vanessa Ng , Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Siemens Experience Centre is an Siemens extension of the appliances home appliances showroom. Beginning at the entrance, an accent wall of yellow glass panels offering a feeling of continuity between the Experience Centre and the Showroom downstairs. By facing a challenging site with numerous columns, the structure of the Centre is made up by these columns to create the five distinct areas. Visitors embark on a journey across the five distinctive areas of the Experience Centre including Lounge, cooking area, dining area, beverage and training area. The walnut feature wall at the entrance was Inspired by Siemens seamless built-in electric appliances, the different sizes of the service doors along the entrance wall were hidden by the varying widths of the walnut wood floor boards. This walnut floor boards walls also link up the five distinctive areas, create a warm texture feature wall, making a big contrast of the cement floor.

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