Project: "ONEOCEAN CLUB Restaurant"
Designer(s): EL EQUIPO CREATIVO _ Oliver Franz Schmidt + Natali Canas del Pozo + Lucas Echeveste Lacy Project Team: Néstor Veloso, Anna Martínez Salom, Cristòfol Tauler, Savina Radeva, Cristina Huguet, Anna Serra. , Spain
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Entry Description: Our client was looking for a classy restaurant which could offer a relaxed, high level menu and service to local and international customers. The design tries to re-create a Mediterranean atmosphere, blurring the limits between the interior and the exterior terraces while enhancing the views to the OneOcean Club Port Vell. The materiality of the restaurant finds inspiration in the elegant J-class boats tied up nearby, with their shiny dark hulls, their sun-dyed wooden floors, and their golden metal details. Reflective surfaces in the restaurant’s ceiling recall the calm water in the port and amplify the spatial perception of the space, while bringing the exterior landscape inside. Vertical golden structures support the greenery, climbing and hanging plants recalling seaweed. Their reflection in the ceiling recreates the forest of boats and mast in the port. The golden structures jump out to the terraces, treated as Mediterranean greenhouses on top of water.

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