Project: "Favorit Bicycles"
Company:NOVAGUE s.r.o.
Designer(s): Petr Novague, Czech Republic
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: The producer of Favorit Bicycles developed the new series of retro lifestyle bicycles. The series includes 3 new models for 3 different kinds of ride. The common character is a motto “design, reliability and no maintenance”. Almost all components are made and developed by producer. The wheels have simple pipe frame from ultralight carbon fibre and it contrasts with technical details which have organic design, integrated lighting, belt instead of chain and mono-varnished painting. Each bicycle is made to measure for each rider according to detailed purchase.

About the Designer/Company
PETR NOVAGUE Over 10 years of professional experience in the fields of Product and Graphic Design. Manages and Coordinates entire projects from the first meeting with the client to the official market launch of the product. Design and Development of the visual language and its Realization and Promotion. In 2008, founded the Novague design studio with the aim to design and develop products that are functional and user-friendly, yet aesthetically unique. With a portfolio ranging from furniture to consumer electronics or concept cars, the studio implements practical, innovative, user-oriented solutions on multiple fields. SPECIALITIES: Industrial Design, Product Design, Web and Interface Design, Graphic Design, Furniture and Interior Design, Communication with Clients, User Centered Approach, Generation of Ideas, Creative Thinking, Prototyping, Team Management, Strategic Research