Project: "Cáscara"
Company:MTI Baths
Designer(s): MTI Baths, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The seamless elegance of the Cáscara bathtub combines blissful comfort with exquisite good looks. Constructed of Engineered Solid Stone™, the Cáscara is a rock-solid tub designed to withstand the ages. Its eco-friendly mixture of natural ground materials and high- performance resin mimics the natural beauty of stone while giving MTI designers the flexibility needed to create this visual delight. The elliptical silhouette is clean and refined, void of excess ornamentation. The gently curved sides and unusual oblique ledge add interest and enhance the comfort of the bathing experience. The tub is available in white or biscuit with a matte or high-gloss finish and comes as a soaker or air bath with a full range of therapy options including 20 air jets, a heated air blower and waterproof remote control. The Cáscara is well-suited for large or small bathroom spaces, measuring 71” long by 42” wide and a comforting 22.75” deep.

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