Project: "Dinner by Design"
Designer(s): Valerie Cardozo, Michelle Park, Alec Ng, Dennis To, Angela Bachetti, Victor Chan, Jonathan Lim, Felipe Gonzalez, Canada
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Entry Description: Tasked with creating a memorable dining experience, we set out to create a futuristic, yet functional space that would host an unforgettable feast. The inspiration came from a desire to explore the concept of a Möbius strip. We wanted to build volume out of one continuous piece. Wrapping around the ceiling, floor, and running through the table, the goal was to encase patrons in unforgettable design experience, with no beginning or end. Supported by lofty matte black walls, the Möbius strip was illuminated by diffused LED lights, brightening the smiles of those seated and the meals to be served. Ultra- modern details to the futuristic design included a solid white aggregate table top, capable of charging electronics wirelessly, white aluminum chairs, and laser-cut acrylic vignette place settings. Although conceptualized over three months, the entire set was erected within a single day.

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