Project: "Intersecting point between virtuality and actuality"
Company:DAEKI & JUN studio
Designer(s): DAEKI and JUN Design Studio: Daeki Shim, Hyojun Shim, Keith Wong www.daandcompany.com, Korea, Republic of
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Entry Description: Medium: Special candy painting on the mirrors The first place to get the welcome message is the screen play. Travelers experience the travel through the SNS and all on-line then experience it again through real travel. This virtuality is both virtual and actual at the same time. That means, the travel happens in the intersecting point of virtuality and reality. Typography "V" and color gradation on the hotel mirror means the virtual experience through screen play, and the typography "A" means the real travelers and travel destination reflected on the mirror. Typography A and Vís visual cross is the experienced experience's intersecting point. If one sees this work online or on offline pages in the form of a book, one sees it as if one saw incomplete works. This work gets complete when one see oneself being reflected on the mirror and the spatial figure become one by directly looking into the actual mirror.

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DAEKI & JUN Studio by Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim