Project: "Cosderma - The white beauty"
Company:Axiom Design Partnership Limited
Designer(s): Axiom Design Partnership Ltd., Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: To transform the beauty concept into a clinic, Cosderma, which combined the cosmetic and dermatology profession together to serve men and women customer respectively.The challenge was the environment and atmosphere had to be neutral and could be appreciated by both types of customer. White, represented purity and cleanliness.It would be an ideal design scheme to associate the clinic's concept. Through a long corridor, a white long marble reception with engraving back lit signage for giving customer a clean, tidy, and solid statement. Consultation rooms had been located behind the reception with classical chair to balance the space setting General corridor to treatment room was lit by top and bottom reflected light in order to provide a soft atmosphere. The white scheme also was brought into treatment room to continue the clam, quiet and peaceful environment during treatment. Wooden flooring was balance the white with warmer and natural touch as compliment throughout the clinic.

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