Project: "Black cant system - HEIKE fashion brand concept store"
Company:Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Designer(s): Design Director:Shanwei Weng ?Jiadie Yuan , China
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Anís glum interior design for fashion brand Heike hidden in the shadows.Hidden in a furniture store, Heike fashion concept store locates on the second floor.Staircase in the middle of the store leads to a huge black wedge block at the top of it, which is also a collection of various functional spaces: fitting room, storage room, exhibition area, staircases, handrails. This wedge is made from marble powder, which covers fifty percent of the store area. It retained iron texture and welding traces on the channel and props. Hand grinding stainless steel handrails and geometrical elevation accessories sector, unique design of aluminum chandeliers and distinct parabolic racks and triangle racks, all of these elements demonstrate the industrial quality via workmanship and its futuristic melancholy atmosphere.

About the Designer/Company
Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd. Offset rule order Cancel standard logic Founder: Weng Shanwei To interior design, art, graphic design as the main creative way Selected works of graphic design in China 07 Exhibition Works by the invitation of the 2014 Li Yongquan Design Exhibition July 2014, the first exhibition of the device image - "AN," an, Works: (behavioral space text) "39 km in diameter", Image space works -- "hot water" Device - "take a straight line" Photography - "edge series" (1-3) In January 2015, shadow art space group show: from chaos to start, Works: edge -02 March 2015, group exhibition: metaphor and the kingdom of heaven Works: Photography: edge capture (01,03)