Project: "Dronnium One"
Designer(s): Protocol Design Team, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Protocol’s Dronium One Drone comes ready to fly with an on-board camera for aerial video and still photography. With its 6-axis gyro, Dronium One performs combination maneuvers such as crisp banked turns and 4-way 360° flips. The reliable 2.4 Gig transmitter provides clear wide area reception even when there are multiple copters in the air! It’s equipped with a 2GB memory card and a USB cord for easy, direct uploads.

About the Designer/Company
Protocol takes ambitious, luxury-level aircrafts and brings them within reach of any pilot who is bold enough to Fly First. We provide high-performance drones to pilots of all skill levels, and embrace clever, “what-if” advances that take us to thrilling new heights. We go to where the real action is…and when it comes to innovation, we’re already there. Protocol. Fly First.