Project: "Tulpi-seat"
Company:Tulpi BV
Designer(s): Marco Manders, Netherlands
Category: Outdoor and Exercise Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: The eye-catching Tulpi®-seat, developed by Dutch designer Marco Manders, will add colour to any environment. The Tulpi®-seat is a perfect combination of design, ergonomics and sustainability with a huge fun factor! The Tulpi®-seat automatically folds when its occupant gets up… guaranteeing a clean and dry seat for the next user! With full 360 degree rotation, the Tulpi®-seat lets you pick your own view! This clever contemporary product is typical of Dutch design, entertaining and quirky. It will ‘flower’ and brighten up your surroundings!

About the Designer/Company
Marco Manders is an all-round designer who devises concepts and has strong visions. After high school he started as a decorator for a graphic design company in the year 1985. In addition to staging and decoration he has learned many graphical facets in practice: screen and offset printing, pre-press and the traditional graphic drawing. Early 1986 he started as one of the first and few in The Netherlands to work with Desk Top Publishing on the very first Apple Macintosh computers. He was invited to join the company called Studio Grafitech (Adobe - Apple Europe division) in 1990 because of his wide knowledge and his skills in Desk Top Publishing and Graphic Design. In 1993, Marco was offered the opportunity to start his own Advertising/Graphic Design company, OPUS II and not much later also Omnus. Being the designer and Art Director he is, both companies became a success, did not stop him from continuously improving his skills. Besides running his own company, Marco has followed several courses and trainings over the years. During his career in graphic design he gradually gained interest in product design. He entered his idea for the Tulpi-seat during a Dutch government pitch, an event where professionals were invited to enter their new design ideas for public space design. His entry was well received, but not the winner. By that time he had fallen in love with design for public spaces after which he decided to further develop his first design the Tulpi-seat. Marco Manders’ designs are typical Dutch Design, which can be characterized as: minimalistic, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous.