Project: "Casa BS"
Designer(s): Elias Rizo Arquitectos, Mexico
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Casa BS was built upon a relatively flat, treeless area. Unlike most of Tapalpa, which is covered with lush coniferous forests, the landscape surrounding the house appears alien; coloured in ochres and sepias, and sprinkled with boulders and patches of high grasses. The building rests on a hill overlooking a ravine which descends to a small lake, and offers uncanny views of a vast plain and the mountains beyond. The house stands stealthily in its environment and displays an almost archeological character next to the boulders that lie in the surrounding fields. The project uses regional materials and is clad almost entirely with dry stacked flagstone. The parota millwork, stone floors and the exposed structural steel elements complete the house’s material palette. The master bedroom volume is clad with a steel sheet skin and gives off a tarnished gloss which sets it apart from the rest of the house.

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