Project: "DINOSAURS 2016"
Company:TOFU Studio
Designer(s): Art Direction: Zuza Zamorska & Adam Chyli?ski Design: Zuza Zamorska Idea: Ada? Naborowski (y/o) Project management: Daniel Naborowski Photos: Pawe? Klein, Iza Sawicka Printing House: Drukarnia NORMEX Sponsors: Gda?ska Akademia Bankowa / European Financial Congress, TOFU Studio, House - NORMEX. Montage & Postproduction: TOFU Studio, Poland
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Recently, we have prepared a special gift for the Warsaw based Children's Charity Foundation "Zdazyc z Pomoca" - a non-profit dinosaur-themed wall callendar for the year 2016. The main objective of our project was to provide a chosen children's foundation with image support. The calendar was produced in a strictly limited amount of 500 pieces. Each page of the calendar is equipped with a custom die-cut, that enables certain elements to move. Our work was done with support of Printing House Normex and Gdansk Academy of Banking - the organizer of annual European Financial Congress in Sopot.

About the Designer/Company
TOFU’s principal philosophy is: „Quality that works” It reflects how our projects combine highest quality of creation with thorough communication and marketing analysis. Our foundation is a long-term experience in advertis- ing. We constantly follow latest trends in design and marketing and create non-standard solutions on various levels of communication. TOFU’s flexible structure allows for additional cooperation with top class professionals and specialists in a given field. Therefore we can fully optimise costs and built a competent team of creators assigned to individual projects. TOFU: ART: Adam Chyliński: co/founder BUSINESS: Daniel Naborowski: co/ fouder CREATIVE: Iwona Duczmal: co/founder