Project: "Urban Platform"
Designer(s): Bumjin Kim, Minyoung Kim, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The goal of project is to capture this experience with minimal interference to its surroundings. We used scaffolding like structure to not take away focus from the city; rather the structure is designed to be invisible from the distance. The proposed structure would allow visitors to relax, play, watch, listen, sit and mostly importantly experience the city as much as walking around. The structure composed of five different modules, Steps, Stage, Void, Enclosed space, and Viewpoint.

About the Designer/Company
Trained academically and professionally as both an architect, designer and artist, Bumjin Kim has working experiences in the U.S., France, China and Korea and his works were exhibited in the U.S., Spain, and China. Bumjin has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in architecture from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. After work experience for a while in Seoul, he recently graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from MIT. Bumjin resides and works in the U.S., he seeks to discover various methods of architectural thinking, designing and making through creating exploration of public, user's perspectives.