Company:UDS ltd.
Designer(s): UDS Ltd. Ryo Takarada, Daisuke Takamiya, Kazuho Ando, sola associates Ltd. Hisakazu Fujita, Kazuhiro Kawamura, Japan
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: Located in central Tokyo, CASCADE HARAJUKU is a facility where commercial architecture for restaurants meets a unique landscape. The “Michi Terrace” (terrace roads) design feature has two main functions; to connect roads at differing levels to various restaurants within the site, and to promote the gathering and interaction of people. The four layers of the “Michi Terrace” are geometrically structured and the floor is decorated with the tiles designed to evoke the stratum. The courtyard houses a variety of trees showing the change of seasons and creating a new, relaxing space where people can escape the commotion of a big city. The courtyard is surrounded by a building and continuous open sashes seamlessly connect the boundary between them. We have achieved a new-style of urban facility, where our guests are naturally invited to enjoy the green landscape of the “Michi Terrace”.

About the Designer/Company
・UDS Ltd. Ryo Takarada is an architect and interior designer at UDS Ltd. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971 and graduated from Nihon University, majoring Marine Architecture and Engineering. He started his carrier as an architect in two major contraction firms: Fujita Corporation and Kajima Corporation. He currently works on a variety of design and interior design projects, including hotels, Ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn), residential complexes, commercial facilities, and offices at UDS Ltd. In recent years, he has expanded the scope of his activities to project design, design direction, and product designs of furniture and lighting equipment. He challenges conventional ideas and proposes a new lifestyle by designing unique architectural spaces. He works not only in Japan but also in Asian regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. Daisuke Takamiya –Architect, Interior Designer at UDS Ltd. Kazuho Ando –Architect and Interior Designer at UDS Ltd. ・Sola Associates ltd. Hisakazu Fujita –Landscape Designer Hisakazu Fujita is a Landscape designer from Aichi, Japan. After his carrier at the LD Yamagiwa institute, in 1980, he established “Sola Associates,” landscape and lighting design firm that specializes the use of both natural and artificial lights. Kazuhiro Kawamura –Lighting Designer Kazuhiro Kawamura is a lighting designer from Ibaraki, Japan. Graduated from faculty of Architecture at Musashi Institute of Technology, he started his carrier at the LD Yamagiwa institute. In 1980, he established “Sola Associates,” landscape and lighting design firm that specializes the use of both natural and artificial lights.