Project: "BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Metallic Balloon"
Designer(s): Design Firm : MOMENT Designers : Hisaaki Hirawata, Tomohiro Watabe, Japan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: This BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE opens only for seven days. It strongly stands out in the historical stately department store. This limited space is enclosed by the connected square balloons, therefore this peculiar look would excite passersby's curiosity. These floating balloons are always quivering because of passersby or air conditioning. It emphasizes its lightness. Lightness becomes a kind of landmark inside the stately building. The aggregate balloons simply embodies the characteristic of the product Bilbao, which is consisted of the small triangular pieces. As they introduce the new product, platinum series, during this seven days event, aluminum evaporation is done on the surface of the balloon. Surroundings are reflected in the balloons, and this reminds us of the platinum finished products. These connected balloons, more than 300, shrivel little by little in seven days, then they finish their roles.

About the Designer/Company
Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe established MOMENT Inc. in 2005. The projects are wide-ranging as graphic, product, interior, and architecture. Hirawata and Watabe attempt to suggest strong design-message which is not compressed in a category. 2D and 3D is an equal theme to every kinds of design project.