Project: "Sikorsky Exhibit at Heli-Expo"
Designer(s): McMillan Group, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The purpose of this exhibit was to express the transition to a combined brand image with Lockheed Martin as the new owner of Sikorsky. Sikorsky wanted to celebrate the opening of the new Service Center as well as showcasing their commercial helicopters including a focus on mission configurations. We were also responsible for organizing the media and call sheet for the live events. Sikorsky asked us to provide an exclusive, executive level lounge and conference rooms. For the new identity, we designed a massive 20í high wall with Lockheed Martinís graphic ID and tag line providing visual strength and dividing the helicopter showcase from the private lounge and (7) meeting rooms. Large LED screens provided strong identity on the aisle. The Customer Support Zone featured a mural of the new Service Center. We designed the S-92ís multi-mission transition from oil to a search and rescue configuration by creating a CGI animation.

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