Project: "I-AM Office"
Designer(s): I-AM, Turkey
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The I-AM Insight team recently opened the doors to its new studio, an impressive space in the same building as I-AM Istanbul, located in Galata – the heart of creative inspiration in the city. The studio is inspired by both the cultural dynamism and artistic essence of its location in Istanbul, whilst also reflecting the identity and culture of the international I-AM brand. The environment promotes creativity, with plants and moss creating a fresh and airy atmosphere for the team to be comfortable and productive. The design of the space was built around the working habits of the I-AM Insight team, which meant making it a ‘living space’ and removing the strictly defined boundaries of typical offices. Instead, open workstations encourage co- working and cross-departmental interactions. Meeting rooms and personal workspaces are flexible and vary in size to serve different purposes.

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