Project: "Circle Plaza "
Company:Artwill Interior Design Studio
Designer(s): Regina Kwok, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The ever longer working hours and faster pace in life led us to the approach in integrating work and play. To serve dual purposes, letting elements of work and play interact freely with each other, we leveraged the unit’s 14-foot-high ceiling to create an elevated box for the office. The space underneath was perfect for displaying and storing the owner’s art collection, and allowed for track lightings to be positioned flexibly to facilitate visitors in appreciating the collection. The small kitchenette with extra working space and a long bench give the flexibility to the company on the number of additional staff. The meeting room with a projector and screen for presentations works perfect as a home theatre, and stay consistent with our concept of integrating work and play. To deliver a mixed-use project within a space of 1,500 square feet, we had to develop a “think within the box” solution.

About the Designer/Company
Regina is a passionate interior designer with more than 15 years' experience working across residential and commercial spaces. She strives to design unique interiors with excellent space planning skill that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives. She possesses an innate desire to create and design interiors and is extolled for her deft hand with using environmentally friendly materials and digital element while minimizing costs and unnecessary remodeling. The results are highly customized and stylish design solutions her clients are delighted with. She is unique in her approach in putting the client at the heart of everything – she says one of her main sources of inspiration is her clients’ needs and desires. With a superior sense of style, quality and a client-oriented approach to business, she has proven herself as an innovative designer.