Project: "melomind"
Company:myBrain Technologies
Designer(s): myBrain Technologies, Victor D'Halluin, France
Category: Education, Professional
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Entry Description: Melomind is your very own relaxation coach. With its headset and app, melomind is here to improve your daily life by teaching you how to manage your emotions and find inner peace. Stress is an everyday feeling for most of us and melomind will allow you to better deal with it and face daily challenges efficiently. With melomind, relaxation is made easy and reachable for all.

About the Designer/Company
myBrain Technologies was founded by two neuroscientists, both experts in cognitive sciences and neuro imaging. In association with the Brain and Spine institute, of the hospital La pitié Salpêtrière in Paris, they developp with their team, mass market electroencephalography (EEG) products.