Project: "FOLD/CHAIR"
Designer(s): SVRL DESIGN, Dionysus Cho, Wayne Pai, Canada
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: FOLD is a sleek lounge with edge. Cut from a flat sheet, it is not only an exercise in geometry, but craft - specific folds smooth edges and adds structure, while crisp lines of the carefully intersecting legs holds the form while completing a sharp profile. FOLD explores the process of design and fabrication in the development of a unique but readily manufacturable form. Taking the most basic elements - a sheet and rod - through an iterative process of refinement from drawing to CNC prototypes, FOLD brings form to functionality.

About the Designer/Company
SVRL is a design studio with an edge. Bringing together a love of meticulous geometry with the playful elegance of the contemporary - SVRL lovingly crafts objects from careful lines.