Project: "Avenue"
Company:Elenberg Fraser
Designer(s): Elenberg Fraser , Australia
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This is a building of pure phenomena. Like the ripples that spread outwards from skipping stones across a creek, Avenue is a series of pillowy curtain walls that radiate out over the surface. This ripple effect helps the building turn the corner, giving it a picturesque planning outcome; the fluid surface reflects and refracts the sun’s rays. Like a pool of water, Avenue’s surface is cool in the shade, but flares in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The natural surroundings, from the sky to the trees, are captured in the façade – their movements are mirrored in the surface, creating dynamic inhabitation. In this way, the design of the building amplifies the characteristics of the natural world and then rearranges them into discrete pictures.

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