Project: "Infinity by Crown Group"
Company:Koichi Takada Architects
Designer(s): Koichi Takada Architects, Australia
Category: Architecture Categories, Professional
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Entry Description: We see today’s residential apartment typology in cities, often defined as formulated and repetitive commercial products. Infinity by Crown Group aims to push boundaries of innovative apartment design and promote the future living and its infinite possibilities. Infinity by Crown Group contains around 400 apartments, mixed-use retail & convention facility, built atop a pedestrian railway link to the train station, with a total area of 40,000m2. The design includes significant public benefits and the future needs of the precinct. We paid particular attention to natural light and the quality of public gathering space. The unique architectural loop feature, along with a void in its sun-facing façade, allows natural light to penetrate the heart of the architecture, a central public plaza, which would otherwise be shaded. The tiered apartment structure is also sculpted in a particular way that its fluid form increases year-round daylight access to the surrounding context and plaza.

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