Project: "Arclinea Showroom"
Company:Elevation Partners Company Ltd.
Designer(s): Elevation Partners Company Limited, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The design was inspired by Arclinea’s newly invented kitchen cabinet material-“Armour”. Due to the self-restorative quality of “Armour”, surface scratches can be removed by steaming and gentle rubbing with a clean cloth. The “iguana lizard” possesses a self-healing ability and armour like scale surface and thus was the key design feature of the “Lizard Wall”. This Lizard wall is formed by thousands of hexagon which imitating the skin texture of a lizard. The Lizard wall is located right at the center of the shop. It defines the space into different zones. Merchandises are displayed along the wall while some are concealed inside. Selection of finishing material is an important design element. The black metal panels provide a sense of mysterious to the space while the dramatic beautiful pattern of the natural stones gives a punch of contrast which emphasizes the product features.

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