Project: "“Masterpieces of British Silver: Highlights from the Victoria and Albert Museum“ – Exhibition Catalogue"
Company:C A Design
Designer(s): C A Design, Hong Kong
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: This collection of contemporary silver wares on loan for exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum is the talk of the town. Design Brief requires a lively treatment of images and typography not to distract the specialty of silver which is purely black-and-white. Much time and exploration were tested on sizing of images, depict dynamic details from the piece to create “an art-form within another art-form! “ Variety and rhythmic sequence of image size and flow are melodically composed for the best viewing pleasure of the catalogue. Aiming at a value added publication for those who view the silver art form which is in a silent mode, enhanced by our design treatment which sings out the climax of the piece, chorusing with the viewer. This exhibition catalogue is produced for a joint exhibition.

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