Project: "A Series Barbecue Bench"
Designer(s): Chijoff+Co, Australia
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: For many years people with disabilities had to use able bodied barbecue facilities that when enjoying the outdoors. This provided many challenges to the user and was something that we wanted to change. The A Series bench represents the first 'parksafe' barbecue bench that provides true 'all abilities access'. Designed to be safe from the reach of little hands, it provides seamless access for disabled and able bodied people. All stainless steel construction and integrated mounting system ensure durability not only from the elements but from unexpected impacts. Transportation has also been designed for with the entire barbecue flat packing on a pallet to a height of only 30cm. Ready for shipping around the country or the world. Styled to fit within any architectural space, the A Series marks a new step forward in contemporary inclusive design.

About the Designer/Company
Mike is the founder of industrial design consultancy Chijoff+Co. He brings an extensive background covering areas of product design and development, design education through to production, supply chain and logistics. He is a strong believer in collaboration and works closely with clients, staff, suppliers and networks creating new thinking across a variety of industries. He has been awarded local and international awards for his designs and is actively engaged in promoting design. In short, Mike loves to build stuff, figure it out and make it work.