Project: "SIZES - When Size Matters"
Company:Matteo Ruisi
Designer(s): Matteo Ruisi, United Kingdom
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: This is a series of poster that explain in a funny way the differences between the sizes of the same kind of items. The mix between the infographic and the isometric style has inspired the dynamic typography and the packagings included in 3 of them. Colours and shapes have studied to create an harmonious composition both in the poster and within the entire project.

About the Designer/Company
Matteo Ruisi is a Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in London. He started working in advertising since 2003 and after many years in Milan, he decided to start a new career in UK, firstly as freelance illustrator and than with an in-house role. He published "Quante storie per un hamburger" ed. Guido Tommasi Editore in 2013, a cook book with recipes and short fun stories. Currently he's working as Branding Designer for some fast-growing start-ups in London.