Project: "Lexus Now: Reinventing the Car Owner's Manual"
Company:Small World Social
Designer(s): Small World Social, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: New cars have many sophisticated features to master, leaving drivers struggling to understand and adopt these technologies. The traditional car owner’s manual is cumbersome to use with its one-size fits all approach covering every feature, and are mainly text, making it difficult for people to comprehend what to do in a quick glance. Drivers are now turning to their mobile phones to search for how-to help on online forums and YouTube videos. However, this information is not always correct, up-to- date, optimized for mobile phones, or model specific. Lexus has reinvented these manuals by developing personalized how-to guides that match an owner’s car year, model, color, and features. By using a user-friendly app called Lexus Now, drivers will gain access to personalized how-to guides. Using animated GIFs, interactive media, and video, the guides help the basic to most advanced technology users learn how to use their vehicle's technology.

About the Designer/Company
Small World Social solves problems with technology by helping to transfer knowledge, most often in complex and tacit areas of science, health and medicine. We work at the edge of a new field in computer science called contextual computing which enables responsive design experiences based on an individuals preferences, devices, physical locations and behavior - bridging the gap between face-to-face and current online approaches. Transferring knowledge is no longer limited to a one-way push, now it can be highly personalized with the user and the computing system continually evolving, learning and customizing experiences to be relevant and meaningful. With offices in the US, Germany and Australia, Small World Social works with international Fortune 500 clients in several geographic markets. With an young team of technologist and innovators with diverse backgrounds who are most inspired when the problem is complex, compliance mandated or requiring behavioral change. Combining outstanding design with story telling and technology enables us to utilize the latest in wearable devices and proximity technologies to provide unique content experiences.