Project: "Five Manhattan West"
Company:REX Architecture
Designer(s): REX Architecture, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The renovation of this 1M sf brutalist building repositions it to Class A status by upgrading its public spaces, bringing daylight deep into the massive floorplates, transparency to its street presence, and improving its energy performance. Derived as a response to the NYC Building code requiring a 6’8” height for accessible paths of travel, the new façade’s geometry pleats above head strike, opening expansive views and maintaining maximum leasing space. The over-slung panes of glass are partially opacified, and self-shade the under-slung panes, reducing direct solar gain, cooling loads and glare. Harmonizing with the structure, the pleats diminish towards the higher floors. The resulting shape suggests a shimmering cascade or a Fresnel lens that reflect the sky.

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