Project: "Child Mind Institute"
Company:Blue State Digital
Designer(s): Blue State Digital, Creative Director: Laura Kunkel, Designer: Andrea Noble, UX Designer: Wiley Bowen , United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: An overwhelming one-in-five children suffer from psychiatric and learning disorders. Meanwhile, mental illness continues to be stigmatized, and information and resources remain difficult to access. This unnecessarily prevents families, educators, and caregivers from providing the support these children desperately need. Blue State Digital and the Child Mind Institute partnered to create a website that offers users a space to learn about mental health and learning disorders that feels safe, welcoming, and structured. The editorially rich, flexible templates provide users with relevant content. Multi-layered wayfinding paths surface content framed for specific mindsets. We expanded the brandís visual system with a dynamic set of patterns and shapes; a framework that allows the content to be emotionally resonant and visually beautiful, while minimizing the need for photography. By embracing abstraction as a storytelling vehicle, the Child Mind Institute website conveys mood and sentiment surrounding difficult subject matters, further reducing stigma.

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