Project: "Tessellation Table"
Designer(s): Blue Telescope Studios, United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Tessellation Maker is an interactive tabletop exhibit that lets visitors freely explore the geometry of patterns and tessellations. Developed with Liberty Science Center for the travelling exhibit Beyond Rubik’s Cube, the experience is presented on a double-wide multi-touch tabletop. Visitors are given a palette of basic shapes, which they can drag onto the table and snap together to create more complex objects. If a shape can tessellate, it immediately repeats across the table’s surface in colorful animations. If visitors discover certain hidden shapes, ‘Easter Egg’ animations spread across the table, showing tessellations found in everyday life, such as honeycombs, chessboards, and ceramic tiles. Visitors can work independently or collaborate to fill the tabletop with tiles in this open-ended exhibit experience.

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