Project: "Kaplan Family Pavilion at City of Hope"
Company:Belzberg Architects
Designer(s): Belzberg Architects, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Central to the design of the new Kaplan Family Pavilion is the building’s response to an existing 100-year-old camphor tree. Although the 7,000sqft project was originally located elsewhere on the City of Hope Campus, our team identified an opportunity to engage the landscape and connect the building to the institution’s heritage in light of their centennial celebrations. The result is a pavilion that embraces the tree to create an outdoor sanctuary for patients and employees. The project bifurcates its program to form two wings around the camphor: one wing houses exhibition and storage space, the other, flexible event space and administrative offices. Curved concrete walls protect the entrances to the Pavilion while twisting to form seating. Lit niches pepper the concrete and highlight the institution’s many milestones. The project’s success is in adding an outdoor ‘room’ that celebrates the existing landscape and encourages health and well-being across the City of Hope's community.

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