Project: "DAISEY Injection Simulator"
Designer(s): Blue Telescope Studios, United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Blue Telescope developed a customized Injection Simulator for Ipsen to educate doctors in treatment techniques for cervical dystopia, a condition that affects the muscles of the neck. The simulator presents a life-sized mannequin with a soft surface into which users can practice injection. A custom syringe incorporates technology that tracks its position and orientation in real-time with millimeter-accuracy. An adjacent digital display shows a 3-D view of the mannequin's musculature and replicates the syringe's position. Doctors can track the amount of medication virtually injected into each muscle, and can receive visual cues when they've reached the correct target or hit a danger zone. Blue Telescope has since developed additional versions of the simulator for use in the US and Europe, focus on other conditions and muscle groups.

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