Project: "Movado Edge"
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Qin Li, Erik Kreider, Hardy Chambliss, United States
Category: Other Products designs, Professional
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Entry Description: We explored a new way to craft a watch with numerous form and material experiments that led to a simple concave shape. To accommodate for the raised dot, we worked with Movado engineers to elevate the watch hands, creating an additional, delicate dynamic. The most notable design element on the dial is the textured ridges that outline the circumference. Sixty ridges in total, one for every second in a minute, or minute in each hour, that elegantly balance minimalism and intricacy. By carving out the interior volume made of an aluminum textured surface, we were able to give it life and reflectivity. The machined, subtle 3-dimensional ridges arranged in a circular pattern reflect the light in patterns that constantly change. Like the movement of the sun throughout the day reveals the topography of the earth, the Edge dial relief plays with light and transforms.

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