Project: "2:00PM"
Designer(s): Jason Lin, United States
Category: Avant-Garde, Student
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Entry Description: 2:00PM is a part of my series, ANDROGYNE. It is a piece that heavily borrows from male figure stereotypes. Inspiration was mostly drawn from the shape of body builders. The garment plays on the idea of the hyper-muscular male. The torso of the garment is made of neoprene: a synthetic rubber material often found in wetsuits. It is very bulky and the properties of the material are reminiscent of athletic braces. Building off of the idea of muscles, I decided to emphasize the shape of the bicep and thigh in particular. Boning was used to create the shape of the muscles while still being very flexible. The pants have a very frayed edge and are held up with a white rope. This is contrasted with a very contemporary mask that helps hide the identity of the wearer.

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