Designer(s): Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity, Japan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Fendi's biggest Flagship store in their original city, Rome. At the entrance, the staircase in red marble connects the two floors in a large void that opens-up across the heart of the building. Its design inspired by the Italian renaissance is modernized with the use of unexpected materials like the silver leaves on mirror on the ceiling. The stairs is not a static stone sculpture but feels like the stone is in motion, like a drape or a liquid stone, alive that moves within the travertine walls. The interior is thought to create an intimate relationship between the Roman origins of FENDI and the modernity of the brand. The contrast of traditional materials like antique marble is reinterpreted into contemporary patterns. The icons of the brand will be presented along series of carefully designed sequences, fur room, ready to wear, accessories, each with unique features and meticulously selected materials.

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